Mindtality’s KETHER instrument now the 2017 Assessment Instrument for the LTOPF-PTCFOR

Tested for validity at the PNP General Hospital with a sample subject test roster including 20 Psychiatrists-Psychologists.


Mindtality Assessments, Inc. has obtained a certificate of testing approval from the Neuro-Psychiatry Department of the Philippine National Police General Hospital last November 13, 2015.  Starting this year January 3, 2017, in a quick response to the Duterte requirements for anti-corruption and responsible gun ownership,  the Neuropsychiatry Section of the PNP is fully utilizing the Kether for the Neuro Test for the LTOP & PCTFOR certifications.  It is a combination test that outputs in 180 seconds in unlimited volume that is both Projective Drawing & Projective FBi graphology together with Behavioral-based test. ( Q&A PCOS style multiple choice answer sheet; and  a first ever international breakthrough Projective Drawing test and a US FBI-Secret Service Psychometric graphology criminality test).  KETHER was also used (4 Saturdays of Jan 2017)  in the first-ever Integrity & mental dysfunction admissions testing of the final candidates to the elite PNPA program. Moreover, the KETHER academe admissions test is now used to for the first time ever determine ethical and fraudulent tendency, psychopathy,  sabotage trait,  etc and the type of police assignment most befitting the cadet applicant.

Dr. Angelo Subida partners with Mindtality Assessments

Dr Subida 2

Renowned Filipino Psychotherapist and Life Coach Dr. Angelo Subida has partnered with Mindtality Assessments, Inc. and now uses Kether Neuropsychoanalytic profiling for his private practice.

Dr Sam talks about Kether at Malacanang CDA’s Silver Jubilee

CDA talk Mar 11

Dr Sam was invited to talk about Kether and Neuropsychoanalysis at the Cooperative Development Authority’s HRD Program and Silver Jubilee last 11 March 2015. The office of the President’s Cooperative Development Authority has for 3 years and up to present 2017 used for nationwide hiring of  Area managers,  Lawyers, Accountants etc.

Dr Sam Cruz talks about Kether on ANC’s ShopTalk

Dr Sam discusses Psychoanalytic Projective Drawing and Graphology automated by Artificial intelligence with ANC’s Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo


Mental Issues are Risk Factors for Aggression in Security Guards

Security 2 450

A study found that aggressive behavior was significantly related to four subtypes of mental health problems: Substance Abuse, Antisocial Personality, Borderline Personality, and Depression.

Your secrets are killing your work productivity

Secrets 2

Feeling burdened by a secret lately? A new study from Columbia Business School found that too much secrecy could have a profound effect in your work productivity.

Study on brain activity reveals how people are able to justify killing

Brain Scans Monash 2

A recent study on brain activity conducted by Australia’s Monash University reveals how people are able to justify killing others in certain situations such as war.

An Analysis of the SAF 44 Massacre and a Proposed Policy Solution

Mamasapano 2

Dr Sam respectfully posits an unsolicited perspective and response to the senseless massacre of 44 PNP Special Action Force officers and men. He discusses the “Nature of Man” and the “Shadow in Man’s Mind.”