High Attrition Solution: Shebet Real-Time Job Benchmark Update

Job Benchmark Dashboard


Real Time Updating of Job Benchmark

In  high employee attrition  firms  (BPO’s, Call Centers, Firms with Hazardous Environments,  Firms with Employee Skill Sets In Big Demand Abroad ) typcally 20%-90% range,   it is necessary  to   assess a job candidate using the Harvard-validated Job Suitability instrument.  However,  for a high attrition firm  this is not adequate since the culture and team characteristics and supervisors changes by the week if not by the day. Meaning, the benchmark ,  which is the basis of grading suitability is changing ever so frequently.  Therefore  it is absolutely necessary that the benchmark is real time updated. It is customary nowadays that high attrition firms use a benchmark that no longer represents the true culture and body-politic of the production  area.  The solution is the use of yet again another  unequaled invented solution tool – the SHEBET  AutoBenchmark software module.

With  the AutoBenchmark AI-based datamining  module all one need do is let your daily or weekly  newly declared top performers  take  a  online query  and projective  psychological test.   The benchmark is real time updated.   It has the distinct advantage of remembering past memories and these past memories  are gradually de-emphasized by the new set of just inputted demographic, psychographic,  psychoanalytic, motivations and intelligence information.   This then serve to update the benchmark which is automatically encoded into the Job Suitability  test module.

Without  the above described AutoBenchmark  there simply is no hope of catching-up and eventually be ahead of the attrition reduction goal! Hence, the Mindtality auto-benchmarking solution is the best way  of curbing and addressing  swelling or ever-continuing high attrition.


Whether you are a one-person company or a large firm and you can ill-afford to allocate resources to create a fully manned HR team, the solution is to have both the Kether Job Suitability tool and this Mindtality auto-benchmarking tool. You can coin and pose targetted interview questions and have job assessment reports in order to hire truly high performing job candidates. It’s like having a large HR team with at only a micro-fraction of the cost.

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The Mindtality  JOB SUITABILITY DASHBOARD  (red arrows)  point to the (black shaded cells) corresponding to  the newly updated collage of cognitive-personality-motivations-  demographic-psychographic values sub-factors that represents the latest valid job benchmark.   Meaning,  an individual applying for a job today  will be evaluated through the Kether job suitability  instrument using the latest most relevant job standard.  This job standard  represents the profile of  currently employed  top performers and not of those irrelevant  former top performers who have already left the firm.  Simultaneously, these emphasized sub-factors also serve as a guide on crafting strategic interview questions to be used today.