Increase your company’s hiring volume

Customized Multi Job-Offer Options Dashboard

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Job-Offers Options Dashboard >> to entice job seeker to accept other alternative job types where individual has a higher passing grade

Neuropsychoanalytic Job-Match Processing & muscled with Rapid Artificial Intelligence Analytics Options Creation

Mindtality ‘s Kether in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence  Data Analytics produces a customized strategic  dashboard that  provides the Hiring Agency or  Workers Cooperative or Call Center   the ability to   view multiple job-types  options (or accounts options in the case of a Call Center)  where job candidate is scientifically predicted to  perform best  and at  the same time be happier.

You easily double and triple your  hiring  volume because if a candidate fails the  job test on his preferred  job-type , then,  the HR , by being informed of alternative accounts (by color shade) , supervisor groups and job types( shown in the one glance dashboard ) can offer the candidate a long list of alternative job placements  where said candidate has a strong potential to peak perform and likely to be retained longer.