About the Author



Dr. Cruz, fondly called “Doctor Sam” by his peers, is the author of the copyrighted Kether instrument, a Neuropsychoanalysis application software system, which is the result of his 15-year research in the fields of Psychoanalysis  in comprehensive convergence with Artificial Intelligence.    Kether is  validated and peer reviewed by licensed government PhD doctors   and is  marketed and distributed by Mindtality Assessments Inc.  It is also the adopted  assessment instrument for hiring at Malacanang ‘s  Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).         Mindtality  is the HR solutions provider for the CDA;  the CDA is the  constitutionally mandated governing agency under the Office of the President that implements the  cooperatives   methodology of providing jobs  to the country. 

Dr. Cruz’s passion for sharing knowledge is marked by an illustrious teaching career. He became an Associate Professor in De La Salle University, Manila in 1989.   Cruz also became a visiting scientist at Tokyo Kogyo Daigaku or the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1992, under a Japanese government-sponsored research program.

By 1995-1999 he established the robotics firm Robotics and Mechatronics Industries Inc. with funding from the late Senator Ting Paterno.   In 1999 after leaving the robotics field due to the effect of the dollar devaluation and the departure of major R&D international clients from the Philippines he returned to the academe by being a faculty member at Ateneo De Manila University, 1999.

He was also a research scientist in the University of Detroit were his areas of interest was  on the development of Artificial Intelligence systems capable of brain-neuronal recognition-perception of visual features ,  knowledge  encapsulation and reasoning.

In 2002, Cruz began his passionate developmental research in merging the two divergent fields of psychoanalysis and artificial intelligence.   Cruz’s objective was to discover how to create a community of brains of psychoanalysts in an artificial intelligence framework. With the privilege to have a team of research assistants per university term, he plotted a 7 year investigative schedule to discover, converge, and  experiment on both neuropsychoanalytic precepts and the mathematical representations and  combinations of multitudes of varying Artificial Intelligence models to create  what we now have as the copyrighted  KETHER Neuropsychoanalysis AI-Automated Assessment System.    And  as if this was not arduous enough, Cruz spent another additional 8  years to do the artificial intelligence machine  learning of the bodies of psychoanalysis-based projective research knowledge and diagnostic similitude that  span a century of time.   Simultaneously, Cruz developed the user-friendly software envelope  that makes the Kether so compatible with everyday HR and Clinical work.

 With the help of the business angels from various conglomerates including Metro Pacific’s PLDT he has been able to productize the Kether and offer both the Kether and the intelligent business analytics-solutions services by forming the company – Mindtality Assessments Inc.    At it’s infancy, Cruz started as a garage style company – Oogle and Beyond Profiling;   then on the second round of investment as  Intellipsyche Profiling  Inc.; on the third round  Inviso Profiling Inc., and finally today as Mindtality Assessments Inc.

Dr. Cruz has an array of other successful researches which include: 1. Invention of an Olfactory Sensoric-Intelligent Explosives Sensing System, 2. Development of a Neural AI Driver for Vehicles , 3. Brain Networks For Automating Sonographic Diagnostics to determine fetus gender, 4. Intelligent Brain System for Stock Market Investing, 5. Automation of Chinese Physiognomy 6. Invehtion of the Psychoanalytic Projective Process thru Artificial Intelligence 7. Auditory Voice Recognition of Commands In a Mobile Phone; 8. Case Based Reasoning Encapsulation of Veterinary Avian Diseases, 9. AI Suggestive Selling of Department Store Products, 10. Genetic Algorith Application in Optimum Correlated Variables, 11. Neural Resonance in Market Clustering 11. Industrial Robot Design and Fabrication for the Mercedes Benz TEMIC at FTI Industrial Park, 12. Research and Development of the Robot for the Microchip leads Dipping system at the Motrola Semiconductor Plant, 13. Human Resource Job Benchmark through AI Data Analytics for the Shell Makati Cluster Fuel Service Stations. 14. Development of a Psychoanalyst Diagnosis Expert System Applied to the Projective Sketch and Graphology Method