Kether Profiling



Like Having a community of highly- paid psychoanalysts churning Job Match & Psychopathology reports at break-neck speeds at counter-intuitive mass-based value prices!

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The patented Kether neuropsychoanalysis software produces assessments that are based on projective sketches and projective psychometric graphology. The use of sketches and handwritings in psychology is based on neuropsychoanalytic unconscious mechanisms which include repression, projection, identification and sublimation, etc.

Character or personality traits, interests, hidden desires, inner psychological conflicts, mental disorders, criminality tendencies, and psychopathological issues are greatly coupled to psychological defenses, including the least adaptive types. In the end, projective drawings and handwritings are a disguised language, developed ever so carefully over a lifetime, and is deposited into a psyche that is then projected onto a blank piece of drawing sheet — a reflection of not only a person’s self-concept, but a concept of others as well.

Kether generates a person’s profile and presents it in a report that combines charts, tables and narratives based on the computed number of presence of drawing-handwriting features that correlate to a multitude of psychological constructs that include traits, desires, motivations, intelligence, mental conditions, inner conflicts and pathological factors.

This is radically different from the commonly administered Question & Answer types of psychological assessments which are based on conscious answers and have the tendency to be manipulated by the test taker. The test can easily be administered by the Human Resource Department, or accomplished by an individual at his own convenience. Results are produced in as fast as 200 seconds, and are delivered through a safe and secure channel.

Kether frees the psychiatrist-psychologists-HR practioner from the very arduous scoring of tests and instead concentrate on clinical diagnosis, psychotherapy,  screening-interview and coaching.   Scoring and narrative summaries are reported in seconds instead of days and in unprecedented volumes and unmatched prices.   Since the Kether is  based on neuropsychoanalytic science, the reports generated are  radically in-depth; these  are  different from the very commonly administered Question & Answer type of psychological assessments which are based from  self-serving lies as input and more importantly because it is based on conscious answers & not from the now finally validated psychoanalytic unconscious system of the mind.

The technology is a result of 15 years of research and development in Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, a true convergence of two great  fields of science.